We're like you.

Zoom meetings and presentations in our home office or workspace (with the chaos of life unfolding around us). Family nights in front of Netflix and Disney+. Online class at the kitchen counter. Yoga and Peloton workouts as often as we can find the time and energy…

We’re pioneering an enhanced way to reduce stress, improve productivity, and enrich today’s “Everything From Home” (“EFH”) lifestyle through proprietary software and tools that integrate best-in-class products and services.

Hi’s mission is to ensure that this new world—where home plays an elevated role—is optimized for healthy, productive, secure, and inspired living.
Our Solutions

Hi designs, installs, and manages smart systems that fit your space and blend together—usingsophisticated algorithms and appliances to monitor everything so you never have to worry.

From ultra-high-speed connectivity with built-in backup, to breathtaking home theaters and expressive lighting features, to advanced security infrastructure and features, we harmonize everything through an sleek interface you can control on your phone or tablet from anywhere.